Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i Ipod Dock

Review: Logitech S315i Dock Review


Slimline Design, Easy to Carry.

Powersave Mode Offers upto 18 Hours of Play.

Support for MP3 Players With 3.5mm Auxiliary Input


No Remote Control.

Our team of self-appointed experts has taken it upon themselves to locate and review the best iPod Docks on the market right now! Since their inception, iPod/MP3 docks have become one of the dominant forms of music playback in the world, so its only right that we play guardian to your wallet and give you the low down on which ones sound great and, conversely, which ones will have you reaching for the earplugs.


So what docking station has given me such joy? Its cool, its well built, its stylish and its loud as all hell...Its...A Logitech!?

Now, before we go any further, I must say that Logitech are not a bad company at all. They are known for making decent low-mid range products relatively inexpensively and are probably the best manufacturer around if you’re just looking for a cheap and cheerful item that gets the job done. The thing is that you don’t associate them with really high quality output like our new best friend, the S715i. My only problem here is that a great machine has such a stupid name, but that’s old news now. What’s in a name? This dock by any other name would still sound as good...

The design is awesome; this is definitely one of the cooler docks on the market today. It has an old school ‘ghetto blaster’ appeal that will delight fans of proper Hip Hop as well as anybody born in the 1980’s, but having said that, the look isn’t too studied, or overdone. This is no mere nostalgia design; the S715i is sleek, contemporary and badass. In that order.

The S715i looks like something that the guys from MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’ might shove in the back seat of your car, but at the same time its not something that would look out of place in a fancy living room, so the design strikes a nice balance. In addition, the size and shape of the speakers is a lot more than just an aesthetic choice, the speakers are designed to spread the sound over as wide an area as possible, just like a ghetto blaster, which is why they look that way, I suppose. This thing could easily fill a good size room with any noise you cared to make with it. The large, powerful twin speakers create a hard-edged, clearly formed sound that’s thick set and bass heavy. This is an ideal speaker for electronic music lovers, Hip Hop fans or rock n rollers (like me) who like to push the bass right up.

This dock also boasts an impressive eight hours of rechargeable battery time, which means that you are not likely to run the power down that much. Rechargeable batteries are also better for the environment, so brownie points there as well.

Hardware / Design

Though it comes with a travel case (a very welcome addition to the overall package indeed), the S715i weighs just shy of 1KG and as so is hardly travel friendly. However, I don’t want to be too negative on that front because, well, it comes with a frickin’ travel case, people! This dock is the only one reviewed in this series to have its own carry case.

The remote is a simple thing, there’s not much to it, which is a slight disappointment. Also, the presence of apps and extras on this particular dock would make it even more exciting, but, in true Logitech fashion, it just gets the job done in a utilitarian fashion with no extra hocus pocus.

With a device that performs this well, none of that matters much. The sound is exemplary (a couple of reviews even compared it to Bose speakers, which are well known for clear sound that satisfies even the most finicky of audiophiles). Loud? You better believe it.


The only downside is the RRP price, which, at nearly £60, it is pretty costly. However, this is a very fine dock indeed and is absolutely worth the money. Logitech have designed a really excellent product here and I’m surprised but also pleased to say that this is one of the best docks in its price range and one of the better docks on the market generally.

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Product Specifications:



Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i Ipod Dock



Dock Power

Power Source

Battery and Mains Adapter

Battery Type


Batteries Required


Charges Ipod When Docked


Dock Dimensions


14 Centimeters


36 Centimeters


6 Centimeters


1.1 Kilograms

Dock Sound



Volume Control


Number of Speakers


Dock Features

FM Tuner


DAB Tuner




Alarm Clock


LCD Display


Remote Control


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Now: £50.96


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Customer Reviews

Honest reviews of the Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i Ipod Dock from previous customers

"It certainly sounds a lot more expensive than it is! Know that it is not a top-of-the-line dock, but I cannot imagine anything in this price range being this good!"

Review by Katie Pearson

"I usually do not mess with leaving reviews, but I was so impressed with this product that I thought it deserved one. We originally purchased this iPod dock to have a small set of speakers to play in the kitchen while we were cooking dinner and hanging out."

Review by Bradley Hodgson

"This speaker system meets all my needs. It's affordable, portable, easy to use, and most importantly the sound quality is awesome. I'm very satisfied with this purchase."

Review by Connor Clayton

"Great sound! Small but very powerful for any room. Checked out several and this is the best for the price and size. Arrived quickly and in good shape."

Review by Samantha Hudson


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