Top 10 iPod Docks of 2012

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OK, you’ve read the reviews, now its time to take a look at our exclusive rundown of the TOP 10 iPod Docks available right now. Our experts have compiled a comprehensive list, culminating in a number one selection, which we’re standing behind and pointing to as the best dock around. To do this, we’re looking at the three ‘P’s ‘Performance, Price and Practicality’ and making our decisions based on that. We’re also concerned, at least partially, with design.

Here in 2012, there has never been a better selection of iPod related products available. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

10) Sony ICF-C1IPMK2 Speaker Dock

At number 10 we have the Sony ICF-andabunchofnumbersafterthat, which, in a questionable attempt at humour, our reviewer nicknamed ‘The Chipmunk’. The Chipmunk underperforms in comparison to the others mentioned here and doesn’t do itself any favours at all with its gargantuan asking price. As a Sony product, it is still worth recommending.

9) Sony SRSGU10IP 2 Ch Docking Speaker

At number 9 we have this wonderful looking Sony number (named as ‘Sursgup’ by the same reviewer). With a wooden speaker case finished in classy piano black, Sursgup certainly looks the part. Not the cheapest by a long shot, Sursgup is, however, a decent dock.

8) JBL On Stage IIIP Portable Loudspeaker Dock

Producing amazing sound quality for a speaker of its size and weight, the JBL On Stage III is an ideal travel dock. It lets itself down only in the price department, but is otherwise a nifty (The reviewer got to me in the end, sigh) little number.

7) GEAR4 HouseParty 4 Evo (App-enhanced)

This thing is a truly wonderful combination of Internet ready technology and solid sound reproduction method. It’s a terrific deal for the price and brings very high performance speakers as well as an array of specially designed apps to the table. Class.

6) GEAR 4 StreetParty 3

Why has the humble StreetParty pipped its far more advanced cousin to the post? Well, the answer is simple. The StreetParty is unequivocally the best dock in its price range. If you’re after a cheap yet effective dock that offers incredible value for money, you honestly can’t do any better than this. It’s not great sound-wise, but if all you want is some music to soundtrack a couple of drinks in the garden this summer, look no further.

5) Bose SoundDock Speaker

This is one dock that blasted its way into the top 5 despite being very expensive indeed. The meticulous attention to detail that typifies Bose design has seen the speaker specialists put together a dock that is very good overall.

4) GEAR4 HouseParty

In another eyebrow-raiser as we move closer towards the number one spot, the ‘app-less’ version of the HouseParty appears ahead of its app-equipped opposite number. This is for one very good reason; value for money. In these terms, it doesn’t get better than this. The speaker quality is as good as anything on this list and the price is cheaper than almost everything else listed here. A true bargain.

3) Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i

The top three begins with yet another surprise as the bronze medal goes to...A Logitech? Though it seems baffling, the S715i (which, mercifully, was not supplied a nickname by our reviewer) is an outstanding bit of kit at a decent price, something that isn’t always the case when it comes to iPod docks.

2) Philips DC315/05 iPod Docking Station

This is one of the coolest alarm clocks in the world. Whilst not a great party dock, this dock is the best choice to adorn a cool, upmarket bachelor pad (the kind we’d all like to pretend we live in), its cutting edge design, high performance and bucket loads of extras make it the best in the world at what it does.

1) Phillips Fidelio DS3020/05

And at Number 1, it’s the Phillips Fidelio! Not only is it designed with a glamorous yet untouchable art school cool (that may or may not boost its sound via some sort of weird science), this dock is every bit as brilliant, sassy and sexy as Kelly LeBrock was in the movie of same name.

It looks awesome, it plays superbly and it won’t cost you the Earth if you want to own one. The Fidelio is the best and most balanced dock on the market today. True, there are better sounding docks, but there are no better looking docks and only GEAR4 can beat it in terms of value for money, by all accounts, this one, like Ron Burgandy before it, is the balls.

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